being healthy and enjoying carbs

Most people searching for nutrition services have trouble finding a program that works for them. After all, it’s not easy to escape the sugar and carbohydrates present in many food products that populate the shelves of grocery stores. However, the notoriety that some macronutrients have is largely undeserved. In reality, carbohydrates are necessary for your continued health. The real challenge is deciphering the food labels and figuring out which carbs are right for you.


Although we were created to eat foods found in nature such as fruits, vegetables, meats etc, the majority of the foods we consume are highly processed. This is a fancy way of saying they are lacking in real nutrients, chalked full of harmful chemicals, and often contain many other detrimental fillers and hormones. All of these processed foods lead to innumerable health issues; many of which start in the small intestine, also known as the " gut " . The damage to the gut coupled with the inflammation caused by these foods have a negative compounding affect to your health in several areas. These symptoms are expressed in conditions and feelings such as:

  • Frequent sickness, headaches
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Chronic Stress / Difficulty handling stress
  • Irregular periods
  • Muscle fatigue / weakness
  • Inability to lose or gain weight
  • Erratic sleep patterns
  • Brain fog
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Craving salt
  • Crohn's disease and other autoimmune disorders
  • Food allergies
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Depression
  • Diabetes... etc.


The gut must be returned to its original state. This is not an overnight process nor is it accomplished through a fad diet or crazy short term two week aggressive cleanse process. We approach this problem at the starting line where it began - the diet. The same thing that started the issue is what will reverse it. Between the proven 3 phase program that has been scientifically designed, the accountability you'll receive from our team, and the elimination diet we'll take you from living to loving life again. We will walk with you step by step to ensure you success along the journey to restore your gut health.


In phase one we will work to extinguish the inflammation and seal your gut. We accomplish this through a specific elimination diet, high quality supplementation, and a carefully planned process of food testing through gradual reintroduction during the first 30 days to find the problem foods you have been eating that may be causing harm to your body. Everyone's body is slightly different so this food testing portion of the program is absolutely vital for your lifetime nutrition, aka, staying healthy and not developing the same gut issues after the program has ended.

As we dive into the next phase we will clear the debris in the gut to ensure that everything is balanced out before we move on into the rebuilding phase where we will set you up to succeed long term. In phase two we have yet another tailored elimination diet based on what foods you responded well to during the food testing and a preselected variety of other foods to further balance out your health along with supplements hand selected for this portion of your gut's journey back to health. Now that we have eliminated the inflammation and brought you back to ground zero, we will clear all of the toxins that we put out in phase one. This can be equated to cleaning up a burned down building after the fire has been put out and all the coals have cooled.

Lastly we have the third and final phase of the program. In this phase, now that all of the damage and debris are cleaned up, we will work to rebuild your nutrition. We will help you through the last phase with a food list custom fit to your needs based on your response to the first 2 phases. As this phase comes to a close we will look into what continuing nutrition will look like for you now that we have built a solid habit and knowledge base.

A Healthy Diet

With so many different fad diets and contradicting articles it can be nearly impossible at times to navigate the complex relationship between eating " clean " and real day to day nutrition without help. However, that's not the case for our clients. Here at Mid Ohio Functional Wellness our staff has two and a half decades of combined experience studying and implementing nutrition on a day to day basis. We can help you navigate all the information and answer questions about cleanses, daily lifestyle nutrition, meal prep, grocery shopping, and eating for goals. With our simple approach, black and white guidelines, and the customized food list, we'll ensure success for you during the program and set you up for success after the program. Also, you will have the choice of meeting with our team members regularly after the program is over for continuing accountability and recommendations in everything from supplementation, next steps, what to eat, and gym recommendations around the area. The health experts at Mid Ohio Functional Wellness are always here to help you reach your goals if you need assistance.

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