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It’s no secret that there are folks all around OH and surrounding areas that are overweight, struggling, and desperate for help.  We can all see the obvious struggle, with the rise of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression, among the seemingly endless ever-growing list.  So who can blame folks for wanting to be set free from all the potential mal-feelings, low self-esteem, tanked energy, and frustrations that come along with being overweight and unhealthy? Our weight loss clinic can help.

Why Choose Mid Ohio Functional Wellness For Weight Loss in OH

Anyone who has dealt with weight issues can tell you that it can sometimes feel overwhelming like being shackled by the chains of shame, discouragement, and defeat with no real help anywhere to be found.

But then, in an effort to find a needed solution, out of nowhere comes the “next big thing” offering this new “miracle pill” or “diet” program that claims to achieve miraculous success and unheard-of results.  “Just imagine losing 20-30 pounds in 40 days*, while resetting the metabolism,” they say, as they offer you assurance that you can trust your health and life in their hands.

So what is it you ask?  Well, keep reading to the very end, not missing a single word.  You’ll see that sometimes things aren’t what they’re said to be…and can be harmful and even deadly.

I Want to be Upfront and Very Straight Forward...

Here’s the thing, and I want to be upfront and very straight forward, not holding anything back or hiding a single thing.  The Mid Ohio Functional Wellness Weight Loss Program is unique, safe, effective, proven, time-tested, and doctor supervised.  It is NOT another fad diet and you certainly CANNOT find it or purchase any one part of it on the web.  This is the MOST powerful, comprehensive, completely personalized, doctor supervised, and guaranteed program in the world today.

Many people are hustled and taken advantage of in today’s market for weight-loss solutions, being told that any potion, supplement, and/or pill is safe, but it is not. Mid Ohio Functional Wellness has been able to help multitudes of people from all over achieve not only remarkable weight loss but incredible health breakthroughs too.

What’s about to be revealed is vital to anyone who is wanting to regain health while shedding a few pounds.  But before this unveiling of the truth, one must know that the intent of this is only for one purpose: that people may live and be healthy.   It’s sad to say, but not all people and programs keep that as the primary focus and intent.

To explain the difference between The Mid Ohio Functional Wellness Fat Loss System...

and let’s say a lesser, unsafe, type of program, it may be most effective to distinguish the difference by giving a simple example scenario.

For illustration purposes, let’s say that one warm spring day, you’re out mowing the lawn when you notice the sky turn gray.  Knowing what is inevitably next, you put things away and head in before the showers begin.  You make it inside, but right when the sky opens up and the rain pours down, you realize that this is the first rain since getting your leaky roof repaired.  It starts off okay as you stand there with your fingers crossed, hoping that the rain won’t come pouring through the newly repaired roof and leaking down on nicely finished wood floors but, as time passes, you realize that you’re in a desperate situation.  You realize that the cheaper, less-expensive contractor who you just paid with your hard-earned money didn’t do the job that he said.

As the rain ceases, you find yourself outside, up on the roof, trying to evaluate the roof situation.  Frustrated to your internal boiling point, you realize that from a distance, everything looked seemingly the same as a nicely done roof.  But then, you uncover the fact that your contractor didn’t do the job that you were assured he would do.  He used short cuts to make things look like a job well done but in the end was a counterfeit.  You thought you were getting a good deal and were ensured that although the other bids were higher, somehow this contractor could do the same or better job with “everything being the same.”  Everyone else was just “too high-priced” or they were “ripping” you off, you were told.  Now as you look at what was previously a simple solution you realize that your little leak has now become a huge, catastrophic, and extremely costly repair.  When you’re around long enough, most people generally will find out the hard way that

Well, the point of all that is to say that sometimes it all sounds great, and perhaps there are those out there who indeed did use this type of weight-loss program and did shed some temporary pounds of water weight and muscle, but what’s next is a real mind-blower and shocker.  Let’s face it, anyone can find “drops” online and say that they are Mid Ohio Functional Wellness or make false claims that they do the same thing, but that’s not true.  The only potential thing that could be the same is the maker of the glass bottle itself.  Because of technology, Mid Ohio Functional Wellness is so personalized that in the countless thousands of folks who have achieved the results that they did, every one of them was different, not only different in their specific formulations but different in what their individual body’s needs were.  They were tested individually for over 2800 different possible factors including vitamins, minerals, hormones, neurotransmitters, toxins, bio-toxins, etc…  In fact, because the technology does what it says it does, even folks who go through the program multiple times are different each round.  There really is nothing like this in the world today.

Once again, we find ourselves in sometimes desperate situations as a society.

But just because there are peddlers assuring you false hopes of losing weight while they practice medicine without a license, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope.  You may find yourself hopeless with them perhaps, but there is always hope with the Mid Ohio Functional Wellness Fat Loss System as it works with each person’s specific health challenges and body’s needs.  You see, Mid Ohio Functional Wellness relies on our advanced technology to access over 2800 different possible factors.   Then, using this technology, is able to create the perfect, individualized formulation to balance hormones, clear the body of harmful toxins while getting the body in to that perfect fat burning state.  This is clearly NOT just a one-size-fits-all magical potion that focuses on using one hormone while totally ignoring all other factors.  Each formulation is specific to the body’s needs and how it responds while being tested.  Because every aspect of the Mid Ohio Functional Wellness is totally customized to each patient, including which foods the patient needs to reach optimal healing changes, people get real, lasting results. Additionally, when folks choose the “cheaper contractor,” so-to-speak, they create even more imbalance than ever before, while dehydrating the cells and depriving the body of the needed attention by trained individuals.

The Mid Ohio Functional Wellness Fat Loss program is an incredible program that is able to use a cutting-edge technology that only a certified Mid Ohio Functional Wellness Doctor can use.  Once a person is assessed, we are able to use this powerful, life-changing technology to achieve real results.  This is why so many thousands upon thousands of people have become so excited and have shared their stories where they have in fact lost 20-40+ pounds in only 40 days* while regaining wonderful health.

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